2018 Volarevic Plavac Mali Rose La Chic

This rose carries a softness rare in the hard and sloped terrain touching the sea. The Plavac Mali grape takes on the features of its terrain in ripening. Preserved are all the primary features of Plavac Mali in as soft a wine as possible. The wine has kept its character with a high percentage of alcohol, robust tannins and the richness of aroma.

Winemaking & Aging

This wine was aged for 5 months in stainless steel followed by 2 months in the bottle

Tasting Notes

As the grapes in their maturity take on the traits of the terrain on which they came out, the production of rose wine wanted to preserve all that primary it carries in and show it in a milder form. It retained its character in high alcohol, mildly robust tannins and rich aroma.


ABV: 13.5 % / Serving Temperature: 50 F

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